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: Bill Hernandez (Plano, Texas)
: [2010.05.04](5:08 PM)
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Mac Programming Resources

Cocoa, Xcode, Objective C - Useful Resources...

Everyday that you learn something is a good day. The job becomes easier when more knowledgeable folks pitch and help. This list contains a few places to get help, there are many I didn't list. As I locate them I will add them to his list. If you have any suggestions, please let me know :

Discussion Groups...

  1. > Support > Discussions > Developer Forums > Software Development 101
  2. > list-cocoa-dev <>
  3. > list-xcode-users <>

Local and International Developer Groups...

  1. CocoaHeads Groups
  2. CocoaHeads Videos

Great General Purpose Tools...

     1. Carbon Copy Cloner - Above and beyond Time Machine, I have a couple of terabyte drives partitioned into several logical drives and use CCC to do rotating bootable backups. This has been a great tool for me.

Incredibly Neat Xcode Tools...

     1. Code Pilot - This is the most incredibly useful Xcode Tool, it is really awesome. Make sure to watch the short video...
     2. Accessorizer - This is a great tool, it helps you learn, and the author is incredibly responsive...

Debugging Tools...

  1. Clang Static Analyzer
  2. Obtaining the Static Analyzer

Specialty Tools and Frameworks...

  1. RegexKit Framework - Regular Expressions
  2. Introduction to RegexKitLite
  3. RegexKitLite Quick Setup - The Easy Way To Add The ICU Library (with easy to follow screen captures)

Cocoa, Xcode, Objective C - Useful Resources...

  1. Mac Developer Program - Essential Videos, and Foundation Videos
  2. Apple Development Videos
  3. MacBreak Dev - Programming Videos
  4. Mac Dev Center - Developing for Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  5. Starting with Cocoa using Objective-C
  6. MacResearch - Cocoa for Scientists
  7. Object-Oriented Programming and The Objective-C Language
  8. StackOverflow - This place always has great answers
  9. StackOverflow - Those little Xcode tips & tricks you wish you knew about 2 years ago?
  10. Matt Legend Gemmell - Cocoa Source Code (I have not looked at this site yet, but it looks interesting)
  11. Programming examples in Objective-C using Cocoa for OS X Leopard
  12. Cocoa Dev - link provided by Gary L. Wade
  13. Application Kit Functions Reference
  14. Cocoa Dev Central
I don't know if the Cocoa Dev Central site is being maintained any more. I have sent them several messages, some got kicked back, and the others appear to have gotten through, but I have not received a response. Their website always seems to have a lot of PHP errors, but there are lot of topics which appear to be OK. Actually this site has some good stuff on it, but most of it several years old. Doing a search always returns an NOT FOUND error, but there is still some valuable stuff there...

Specific Tips...

  1. Bynomial Code - Introducing the Default Delegate design pattern
  2. Create a colored bubble/circle programmatically in ObjectiveC and Cocoa
  3. Displaying an NSString on a Custom View
  4. Creating your very own framework - This guy has great stuff on his website...
  5. Borkware Quickies - I haven't looked at it yet closely, but I think I hit the motherload...
  6. Reserved for more places - If you know of any that should be here, let me know and I will include them...

More Videos...

There are several excellent videos by John C. Murphy. Many of his tutorial videos are free, some have a small purchase price. I've listed the free ones below. I've bought many from his site, and he goes into great detail, covers a lot of material.
  1. ViewController Overview, Cocoa Application Tutorial, Cocoa Basics, Xcode Tips and Tricks
  2. What are Cocoa Bindings
  3. Objective-C Training, Xcode Tips and Tricks
  4. Core Animation Tutorial
  5. Core Data Tutorial

Some of the books I have bought at the Pragmatic Bookshelf...

  1. Beginning Mac Programming: Develop with Objective-C and Cocoa - by Tim Isted
  2. Cocoa Programming: A Quick-Start Guide for Developers - by Daniel H Steinberg

Some of the books I have bought at

  1. Xcode 3 Unleashed - by Fritz Anderson
  2. Professional Xcode 3 - by James Bucanek
  3. Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X - by Aaron Hillegass
  4. Cocoa Recipes for Mac OS X - by Bill Cheeseman
  5. Cocoa Programming Developer's Handbook - by David Chisnall
  6. Cocoa Design Patterns - by Erik M. Buck
Anyway, the people that help the rest of us, know who they are, and for their efforts, I am grateful. It is nice to know that when you post a question at 2:30 am just as you are going to bed, when you wake up and check the computer, there is good likelyhood that someone has already answered your question. Sometimes you have your pick of answers...

Thanks to all those that take the time to help the rest of us...
I hope this is helpful, best of luck,

Bill Hernandez
Plano, Texas